Essex Village Church of Christ History

The Essex Village Church of Christ is a congregation of this same body that was founded by the Lord and established on the day of Pentecost in A.D. 33.  This particular congregation began in 1962 with only a handful of people.  It met in its current building for the first time in 1972 and the old building then was transitioned to into our current education wing.  The annex was built a few years later.  The congregation continues to sow the seed in the Charleston, SC area.

Over the years, Essex Village Church of Christ has contributed to and supported many other congregations locally and internationally. Essex Village has sent many missionaries out into the world to preach the gospel.  Numerous well-known, solid men have spoken for gospel meetings, workshops, youth gatherings, seminars, and other special occasions.  Many fine Christian ladies have likewise spoken for special events for the ladies. Essex Village Church of Christ hosts an annual Vacation Bible School, Ladies Retreat, Gospel Meetings, Bible Bowl, and various youth activity trips year round.

Opportunities for personal growth and service abound at Essex Village.  Bible classes focus on various Biblical subjects.  We are blessed to have several outstanding Bible teachers for every class.  Classes for every age group meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.  We have exceptional teachers from the cradle to those who are older in age.  Various textual and topical classes are taught on the adult level on a continual basis.  Regularly, special studies, (grief, Christian evidences, marriage, etc. ) are presented as the need arises.

Essex Village provides a place for every individual to grow as a Christian in a loving and caring atmosphere.  The elders are attuned to the needs of the congregation and maintain vigilance to insure that truth is upheld and the flock is fed the spiritual nourishment it requires.

There is a place for you here at Essex Village.  As a faithful member of the church, there is a place of service waiting for you where your talents can be put to use.  You can be a part of a loving and friendly congregation here at Essex Village.  Please accept our invitation to see what we are about or to become more deeply involved in the work of this group of God’s people.  You will be glad you did.  Come grow with us!